Pure Linen White Hand Kerchief (3 in 1 Pack)

Rs. 780.00
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Specifications of Pure Linen White Hand Kerchief (3 in 1 Pack)

Linen handkerchiefs are popular among those who prefer natural materials and a classic look. A material made from linen fabric, Linen handkerchiefs are known for their durability, absorbency, and softness. They are often used as a stylish accessory or for practical purposes, such as wiping one's face or blowing one's nose. Linen handkerchiefs are also eco-friendly and biodegradable, making them a sustainable choice for those who are conscious of their environmental impact.

Fabric: Cotton Handkerchief

Size: 0.4mX0.45m

Pack Contains: 3 Pcs of Hankies

Wash Care : Wash separately. Use white Colour detergents. Gentle Wash. Don't use fabric bluing agents.