Premium Soft Cotton White Hammock/Cradle 748

Rs. 645.00
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Specifications of Soft Cotton Non Joint White Hammock/Cradle

A Quality Product from the house of Ramraj brings us years back of tradition to our modern day fashion. Ceiling mounted hammocks for babies are traditional to south India. Cradles are used to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for newborns and young infants. Cradles can be a convenient and comfortable option for newborns and young infants, there are some hammock-style baby swings or sleepers that are designed specifically for infants and are considered safe for use. These types of hammocks typically have a secure harness or straps to keep the baby safely in place and a supportive and breathable sleeping surface.

3M Size: 125m X 300m

4M Size: 1.25m x 4.00m

  • Light Weight
  • High Quality
  • Feather Soft
  • 100% Cotton
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Sweat Absorbent Properties
Wash Care : Wash separately. Use white Colour detergents. Gentle Wash. Don't use fabric bluing agents.